metropolitan grove
mva gaithersburg

These photographs were taken at the intersection of Metropolitan Grove Road and Metropolitan Court, facing Clopper Road. Today, this site is the Motor Vehicle Administration in Gaithersburg. In the "then" photo, taken in 1972, construction of the Orchard Pond Apartments is underway.


Zooming in for a closer look at the 1972 photograph reveals the Douglas and Carol Diamond house. Located along Clopper Road, the house was built in 1940, and still stands today. For more information about the property, check out this map.



Metropolitan Grove was one of several large African American settlements that developed after the Civil War. The Board of Education minutes for September 20, 1898 mentions a schoolhouse at Metropolitan Grove. Today, no evidence of this community remains, but this clipping from The Washington Bee newspaper on August 6, 1910 makes it sound like this was a wonderful place.