Clopper Road is one of the oldest roads in Montgomery County and was originally a Native American trail. For the most part, the road still follows the original trail, except for a small section between the bridge over Seneca Creek and the entrance to the State Park. Before 1951, travelers crossed over a small stone bridge and winded through a gravel Clopper Road, which led up towards the present-day Visitor Center parking lot, and back out to the modern route, directly across the street from Game Preserve Road. Shown here is the old section of Clopper Road in 1945, which is today part of the Great Seneca Trail in Seneca Creek State Park. Old photograph courtesy of Jack Toomey


These photographs show Seneca Creek at Clopper Road, early 1930s and today. Just to the right of the old photograph stood the stone bridge -- the ruins are still there.