This is my favorite building in Gaithersburg, the Belt Building, located on Diamond and Summit Avenues. It's the oldest commercial property in the city and was built in 1903, after Belt's original building (built in 1879) was lost in a fire.

John A. Belt brought his business to town to take advantage of the railroad. By the turn of the century, his emporium was one of the largest in Montgomery County. Belt was an active civic leader in Gaithersburg and his building was the preferred location for lectures, theater, recitals, musical presentations and high school graduations.

In later years this building has been home to many businesses - W. Lawson King's Auto Showroom, George Woodfield's Maytag Service, Walker's Grocery, Frank Ciarrachi's Restaurant, Clark's Photography, McMurtry's Floral Arts, Armand's Pizzeria, Summit Station Brewery and currently Growler's.