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etchison drug store in gaithersburg
diamond drugs

In 1893, Dr. Elisha C. Etchison purchased the northwest corner property at Diamond and Summit Avenues from John B. Diamond and opened a drug store. Although the business at this site has changed owners several times over the years, there has always been a drugstore at this location. The photo on the left was taken circa 1920. "COMMENTS"



southern states gaithersburg
olde town gaithersburg

Gaithersburg began as an agricultural community. With the coming of the railroad in the late 1800s, markets in Washington and Baltimore were opening up to area farmers. Wheat, vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy products, and cider could be easily moved to markets in larger cities. The Gaithersburg area flourished and soon became the center of farming activity in Montgomery County. In addition to commercial farming, domestic farming was also common. A family often raised its own chickens, cows, and pigs, and cultivated its own produce.

Southern States Co-op opened in the 1930s to serve farmers and the agricultural community at large, selling feed, seed, fertilizer, and farm supplies. The company, based in Richmond, Virginia, offered a much wider variety of products than locally owned businesses. Goods shipped from Richmond to Washington, DC were easily transported via railroad to the Gaithersburg store loction, which was strategically located near the train station.



historic summit hotel
saint martin's church

Built in 1881, the Summit Hotel was regarded as a trendy spring and summer resort for those fortunate enough to take a holiday from the hustle and bustle of Washington, Old Site. The hotel was located at the northeast corner of Summit and Frederick Avenues, where Saint Martin's Church now stands. Sadly, the Summit Hotel was destroyed by fire in 1895. "COMMENTS"



summit hall house in 1887
summit hall farm wilmot

In its 230 year history, this ridge top estate has been associated with significant events in such diverse fields as pioneer settlement, Civil War history, experimental agronomy, astronomy and Gaithersburg's social and physical development. The area known as Summit Hall Farm Park goes back to Gaithersburg's earliest history and the people associated with Summit Hall helped shape the city we know today.

The original house, pictured on the left in 1887, was remodeled in the late 1930s, and this is the house we see today.



summit hall barn then
summit hall barn now

These photographs show the unique-looking barn behind the main house. As a child I went to camp at Summit Hall during the summer. During the hot days of August we used to watch movies in this barn. "COMMENTS"




frances kellerman at summit hall
summit hall smoke house

The Summit Hall smoke house, located behind the main house, is the oldest complete historic structure in Gaithersburg. This photograph of Zoe Wilmot, Frances Wilmot Kellerman, and Lloyd Miller was taken in 1936. "COMMENTS"




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