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historic Meem house in Gaithersburg
Meem house on Chestnut Street

The Meem family sits in front of Martha Meem's house in this early photograph. Martha Meem clearly intended her property to be developed as a prestigious neighborhood with grand houses. In 1879, she built this French Second Empire-inspired house at 104 Chestnut Street. "COMMENTS"



Gaithersburg Washington Grove Fire Department
gaithersburg fire museum

This building was constructed in 1930 as a fire station and was used for that purpose until 1977. "COMMENTS"



historic Clopper estate called the Woodlands
Woodlands site is now Seneca Creek State Park

Clopper Road is one of the oldest roads in Montgomery County and was originally a Native American trail. For the most part, the road still follows the original trail, except for a small section between the bridge over Seneca Creek and the entrance to the State Park. Before 1951, travelers crossed over a small stone bridge and winded through a gravel Clopper Road, which led up towards the present-day Visitor Center parking lot, and back out to the modern route, directly across the street from Game Preserve Road. Shown here is the old section of Clopper Road in 1945, which is today part of the Great Seneca Trail in Seneca Creek State Park. "COMMENTS"



historic Clopper estate called the Woodlands
Woodlands site is now Seneca Creek State Park

On the left is a picture of the old Clopper house, called The Woodlands, which was built in 1812. It burned down in the 1960s. The visitor's center at Seneca Creek State Park now sits next to where this house used to be. The Woodlands, a short self-guided trail located at the visitor's center, interprets the life and the estate of the Clopper Family. "COMMENTS"



Clopper Mill
Clopper Mill ruins

Francis Cassatt Clopper bought this mill and 541 acres in 1810, but the earliest mention of a mill on this site dates back to 1777. Clopper's mill was a square, three-story grist mill, with basement and first floor levels made of local fieldstone and a third story of brick. The mill was destroyed by a fire in 1947. "COMMENTS"


Clopper Lake construction at Seneca Creek State Park
Clopper Lake

Clopper Lake at Seneca Creek State Park was dug out and flooded in 1975. Before that, a small section of Longdraft Road traveled straight across where the middle of the lake is today. Did you know that all lakes in Maryland are man-made? "COMMENTS"



metropolitan grove
mva gaithersburg

These photographs were taken at the intersection of Metropolitan Grove Road and Metropolitan Court, facing Clopper Road. Today, this site is the Motor Vehicle Administration in Gaithersburg. In the "then" photograph, taken in 1972, construction of the Orchard Pond Apartments is underway. "COMMENTS"



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