Gaithersburg Then and Now
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Historic Frederick Avenue during turn of the century
Frederick Avenue

Frederick Avenue was originally an old Native American trail. The turn-of-the-century photograph shows the road before the bridge was built. The homes of George Andrew Gloyd and Henry Dorsey Gloyd can be seen on the left and the old Forest Oak tree on the right. "COMMENTS"



Bowman Mill then
Bowman Mill now

The photograph on the left is old Bowman Mill close to 30 years ago... and on the right is the modern-day Granary Row, which now houses offices, stores and restaurants. "COMMENTS"



historic Gaithersburg Bank building
Gaithersburg bank building modern

The First National Bank of Gaithersburg was built in 1891. Although the bank has lost its original steepled roofline, if you look close enough you will find that many parts of the building have not changed in over 100 years. "COMMENTS"



Gaithersburg Labor Day Parade in the 1950s
Labor Day Parade in Gaithersburg today

The black-and-white photograph shows a Labor Day parade travelling down Diamond Avenue in the 1950s. "COMMENTS"



Gaithersburg railroad history
Gaithersburg MARC train and historic train station

Gaithersburg's growth and prosperity can be attributed to the coming of the railroad. These photos show a view from the tracks, looking towards Germantown. "COMMENTS"



Asbury Methodist Village for retirement

Built in 1928 on the grounds of the "Rolling Acres" dairy farm, Asbury Methodist Village was originally a "Methodist Home for the Aged". The community rapidly grew to a sophisticated yet caring place where seniors of all denominations could enjoy a productive and healthy retirement. "COMMENTS"



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