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calloways restaurant on 355
mcdonalds on frederick avenue

Roy Calloway and his wife owned and operated Calloway's Restaurant, which was located next to the Gaither Theater, beside the 355 bridge, from 1935 to 1945. In 1945 they built Calloway's Restaurant & Cabins at the corner of O'denhal and Route 240 (now Frederick Avenue). They sold the place in 1960. "COMMENTS"



calloways restaurant on 355
mcdonalds on frederick avenue

Bellevue was the name of the home built in the 1850s by William C. Diamond. Pictured here is the home circa 1880. The farm remained in the Diamond family until 1957, when the National Bureau of Standards (now NIST) purchased the land. The house stood approximately where the NIST Administration Building stands today. "COMMENTS"



diamond house zoar
quince orchard blvd

John Bernard Diamond built his home, called Zoar, along Quince Orchard Road in 1892. The photo on the left was taken in 1972, right before the house was demolished. "COMMENTS"



dalamar bowling and skating
golden bull

Gary Gloyd took the photograph on the left in 1955, as construction was just completed for the grand opening of Dalamar Bowling & Skating. Dalamar was built by "Pop" and "Junebug" Wilson after selling their farm located north of town (where Lakeforest Mall is today). The upstairs was skating and the downstairs was bowling. The business was eventually sold and became The Golden Ox restaurant, and today The Golden Bull. "COMMENTS"


daylily farm near shady grove road
shady grove plaza

The "then" photo shows construction of the Shady Grove Plaza Shopping Center, as seen from part of Daylily Farm in 1978. Ken and Ethel Peters ran the farm and displayed their colorful daylilies on the slopes around the intersection of Frederick Avenue and Shady Grove Road. Today, I-370 runs directly on top of where the daylilies once grew. "COMMENTS"



bowman mill at olde towne
gaithersburg train station

These photographs were taken from the top of Bowman Mill. "COMMENTS"





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