Gaithersburg Then and Now
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historic picture of Crown Farm
modern picture of Crown Farm

Crown Farm is a 180-acre farm that included two historic houses (one has recently been demolished), several agricultural buildings and a loghouse that dates back to the early 1800s. The farm is located on Fields Road, across the street from the Washingtonian complex (RIO), and is one of the only remaining pieces of original farmland in the area. Development of Crown Farm is underway... "COMMENTS"


Crown farmhouse in 1894
Crown farmhouse as seen today

The England-Crown farmhouse was built sometime in the late 1870s or early 1880s. The structure is an excellent example of a stylish Victorian house found in Montgomery County during the late 19th century. Notice the ornate front porch. The date of the old picture is unkown. "COMMENTS"



Crown farmhouse then
Crown farmhouse now

The Crown house is a popular type of dwelling that was construcuted in Montgomery County (and in many parts of the country) during the mid to late-19th century, called an I-house.




Crown farmhouse porch in 1985
Crown farmhouse porch today

A closer view of the front porch, 1985 and 2010. "COMMENTS"



old picture of the Heeter Crown farmhouse
Heeter Crown farmhouse demolished

The Heeter-Crown farmhouse was built sometime around 1900 after an older house on the site burned down. It was a two-story, three-bay frame I-house. The house was located off Fields Road, right before you enter the Washingtonian Center. The 100-year-old house was demolished in May of 2010 to make way for more development. "COMMENTS"


barns at Crown Farm
barns on fire at Crown Farm

Late in the evening on May 29, 2011 several of the outbuildings at Crown Farm mysteriously burned to the ground, including the large dairy barn and hay barn. Most of these structures were built in the early 20th century. "COMMENTS"


Crown Farm hay barn then
Crown Farm hay barn now

A closer view of the hay barn. "COMMENTS"





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